Learning and Development at Barnkids
We strive to deliver high quality eduaction to every child, helping them to learn and develop the skills, knowledge and attitude to achieve fulfilling lives at nursery and beyond.
Our Curriculum - The Learning and Development Framework
Our curriculum is what we want our children to learn in the time that they are with us. It is multi-layered and multi-faceted, with a strong foundation from the 7 areas of learning and characteristics of effective learning from the EYFS, supporting age appropriate observational checkpoints from key publications, such as Development Matters and Birth to Five, as well as our learning principals and the flexibility to allow our team to decide what the children are going to learn based on their interests.
Learning Foundations
The foundation stage of our curriculum is the high level framework provided by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) through the ‘7 areas of learning’ and the ‘characteristics of effective learning’.
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Learning through Play
We believe that children learn best through play, when they are having fun and have developed trusted relationships with those around them. We also recognise that every child is a unique individual and what engages one child might not necessarily engage another.
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Observational Checkpoints
Key age related checkpoints that we look for in all of our children. These have been taken from different sources, including Development Matters, Birth to Five as well as our own knowledge and experience. See Appendix B for details on the Observational Checkpoints.
What next?
At the apex of the curriculum is the flexibility that allows our team to decide what they want their children to learn and the activities they might do based on the children’s interests and special projects.
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